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ORGONO Sports Recovery (Living Silica), 1000mL
ORGONO Sports Recovery (Living Silica), 1000mL
Formula for Athletes. Its active ingredients are ORGONO ® Organic Silica and L-Glycine, which both contribute to the Strength, Performance...
Sport Supplement
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  • Formula for Athletes. Its active ingredients are ORGONO ® Organic Silica and L-Glycine, which both contribute to the Strength, Performance and Regeneration of Joints & Bones, Muscles, Ligaments, Tendons and Cartilages as evidenced by recent work of International Scientists.


    Dietary Supplement for Athletes, whose Active Ingredients are ORGONO ® Organic Silicon and the Amino Acid L-Glycine. 

    The synergistic ingredients of our formula are centered on improving your recovery capabilities, boost your endurance and performance, and avoid future problems by enhancing your tissues quality and density.  

    ORGONO ® Silica by Dr. Le Ribault 

    The highest known bioavailable source of silica. Since it was discovered has been a reference in the European alternative medicine. Widely used by physicians, chiropractics, and physiotherapists.


    What is silica?

    Silica is an essential element present in all the body, it plays a key function in the Regeneration and Mineralization Processes, Tissue ResistanceThicknessStructureElasticityFlexibility & Mobility.

    It is the key nutrient on the Joints & Bones, Muscles, Cartilages, Ligaments & Tendons.

    • We are used to diets that contain 10 times more silicon.
    • Our bodies do not accumulate large amounts of silicon but require a permanent intake. (20-30 mg/day).
    • Nutrient required for the proper growth, development, and physiology of the organism. It cannot be synthesized by the body.
    • Its lack produces functional deficiencies, reversible if the element is back in appropriate concentrations.
    • Has a direct influence on the absorption of all minerals that the body requires to maintain health. It is considered a catalyst, accelerates the absorption of: Calcium, Magnesium, Iron and Phosphorous.
    • Increases the bone mineral density (BMD). Silica is a precursor of calcium.
    • Without Silica the connective tissue has an inability to retain moisture. Connective Tissue consists of collagen, elastin, mucopolysaccharides (GAG's), and mucous carbohydrates.


    The main protein in the body. Silica activates the enzyme prolil-hydroxidase that boosts collagen reticulation (strength). Increases its production by 19%. This molecule leads the load resistance to ligaments, tendons, and bones, and creates new spaces for the calcium deposition. Collagen represents the 80% of the ligaments and tendons mass.


    Elastine is silicon rich. Confers its architecture to this fibers and determinates the size of these molecules boost its production. Fibrocytes produce more elastin.


    They give reticulation and create the structure of the tissues, it has an important function attracting water molecules to resist the compression on the cartilage and gives structure to the Extracellular Matrix Cells (ECM). Binds collagen fibers. Intervenes in the cartilage regeneration.








    It is a semi-essential amino acid but the last studies say that the body has a short capacity to produce it, 3 g. We get 3 g. from the diet but our daily need is 10 g. Many studies prove now its effectivity in the athlete’s field. 

    Athletes have more consumption of this building amino acid than they can produce naturally, and it may cause a lack. It has been demonstrated in several studies:


    • Prevents Muscle Degeneration (Catabolism).
    • Repairs Damaged Tissues.
    • Stimulate the Secretion of Human Growth Hormone.
    • Boosts the Body’s Levels of Creatine (ATP). Increases the Bodies Energy Levels.
    • Inhibits Inflammatory Processes.
    • Prevents a Decline in Muscle Strength.
    • Inhibited the Activity of Catabolic in the Muscles.
    • Helps to Sleep Better. 


    How To Use: 


    We can differentiate three different intakes depending on the goal pursued: Prevention or Endurance, Performance or an Increased Regeneration.

    • Loading/Maintenance Period:

    We recommend to take at least 30 ml the first month or during two months.

    • Prevention or Endurance:

    Improve your resistance or maintain the reached results preventing future problems taking 15-30 ml per day. Minimum two months.

    • Performance:

    Reinforce your tissues and improve your physical condition taking 60 ml per day during 15 days, then diminish the dose to 30 ml. during two months. 

    • Regeneration:  

    In the case of Chronic or Traumatic Injuries. Take 60 ml per day. Keep this dose during the first three bottles and diminish the intake with the last one to 15-30 ml to keep the achieved results.  


    Purified Water, Glycine, Silicic Acid, Equisetum arvense L. (Horsetail herb), Rosemary (as a preservative)



    Bottles of 1000 ml, duration 33 days duration at (2)15ml servings per day of workout.

    *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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  • Our Products Are Cultivated without The Use

    Our products are cultivated without the use east 2 years Earthon's organic vanilla beans are 6-8 inches long and contain abundance of seeds. Our bean has the sweet woodsy flavour that is superior to that Bourbon-Madagascar variety.

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