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Myrrh Essential Oil
Myrrh Essential Oil
Mythical Myrrh Essential Oil is distilled from the rich amber resin of Commiphora myrrha trees. Seen as sacred and widely revered throughout...


  • Description
  • Mythical Myrrh Essential Oil is distilled from the rich amber resin of Commiphora myrrha trees. Seen as sacred and widely revered throughout history, the use of Myrrh Essential Oil dates back to the time of the ancient Egyptians, who used it to embalm, incense, perfume, and purify. It was also used in early Chinese and Ayurvedic practices. This oil contains potent properties of soothing sesquiterpenes. It has traditionally been used to sweeten the breath, hydrate skin, and smooth the appearance of scars.

    Botanical Name: Commiphora myrrha
    Botanical Family: Burseraceae
    Extraction Method: CO2
    Part of Plant Distilled: Resin
    Country of Origin: Somalia
    Cultivation Method: Organic
    Composition: 100% Commiphora myrrha
    Consistency: Thick
    Scent Description: Earthy, ambery balsam with warm, golden, resinous sharp notes of sap.
    In Living Libations: Mint + Myrrh Tooth Serum, Epiphany Elixir, and Jewel Dab.
    Blends well with: Frankincense, Rose, Sandalwood, Rockrose, Palmarosa, Carrot Seed, Bergamot, Blood Orange, Lemon, Yarrow, Immortelle, and Lavender.
    Uses: Apply to a myriad of skin imbalances. Diluted in serums to soften and sooth or use neat to soften spots and freshen breath. Dilute in jojoba to use as a tonifying face wash. Anoint as a perfume and meditation aid. Dashing as a deodorant with sandalwood. Add three drops each of myrrh and sandalwood for a comforting and restorative bath.

    Mystical Myrrh Essential Oil contains the same otherworldly aroma and quintessence that made it a star of so many ancient civilizations. In Heliopolis, Egypt, incense was burned to mark the sun’s travel across the sky and myrrh was offered at high noon. The ancient Egyptians used Myrrh to embalm their dead, and harnessed the same properties for the living as a beauty unguent and fragrance for the home.

    Famous for being one of three precious gifts given at the birth of Jesus by the three wise men, Myrrh was considered sacred by the Jewish people. They anointed alters with this sacred sap, which was considered the epitome of purity. A gift of Myrrh Essential Oil would certainly have been a special treasure indeed.

    The sacredness of Myrrh essence reminds us of the sacredness in the secular of being in the skin of human form, the presence of spirit, and the body’s magnificent ability to revive itself, given the gift of life.

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