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Welcome to Health n Glamour

Health n Glamour was found by Hanan Jamal. She is an entrepreneur, Whose dedicated background is cosmetology, Esthetic’s, and holistic wellness specialist. Hanan's mission started in 2017. Her interest in holistic integration was intrigued through her mother's battle with a terminal illness. Joining her mother's battle soon become her determination, motivation and inspiration.


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Our Motivation

The motivational inspiration for Health and Glamour dates back in 2017. When her mother was diagnosed with a terminal illness. Her mother was given a life sentence for three months through conventional treatment. After eight agonizing chemo sessions, further structural disintegration and side effects that she suffered from, It seemed miserably hopeless. Through observation, Hanan realized her mother couldn't endure the excruciating side effects any further. Realized her mother may not make it after only the second month of her mother's treatment. Her mother's life appeared miserable due to the severe deterioration, compared to the initial diagnosed day. Watching her mom suffer, Hanan realized she needs to help with her mother's condition by any means necessary. Hanan's mission and pursuit for holistic healing was intrigued. Her communication with physicians and practitioners enlightened her to seek aspiring advantages of natural healing. Realizing that natural remedies have no side effects and promote healing and wellness. Hanan started networking with licensed practitioners that practiced natural healing. Immediately implemented modulatory regulations by changing her mother’s diet and lifestyle. Even though her mother's current state at the time was a very fragile state. Her mother had enzymatic and organ dysfunctionalities, with complications and miserable side effects. Despite what the doctor anticipated, Her mother lived not three months but a full ten months. With better quality of life, with dignity and empowerment. Hanan became a strong firm believer that the human body has the tendency to heal. Its all the matter of changing your lifestyle, food and environmental circumstances that play an essential role in your life!

Our Mission

Hanan is on a mission to help people create optimal health, energy, longevity. Educate you about the benefits of naturopathic food, healing, herbalism and much more! We as people have dignity and empowerment, over our body mind and over all life quality which is essential. Hanan has integrity, and she would love to enlighten you on achieving your optimal health. She has knowledge on holistic healing and believes simple shifts last a lifetime! You can improve at any age, and stage in life! Health n Glamour was created to educate, inspire, and help you to accomplish your optimal health goals with integrity! There is no such thing as a life sentence, only an endless bridge of knowledge! We are here for you empowerment, to help you walk with us on this bridge of hope and knowledge!



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